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'Tekken 7' News, Update: New Eliza Bug Discovered Anew; Character Getting Banned At EVO 2017?

by Erwin Ruse / Jul 05, 2017 03:33 AM EDT
A screenshot of Eliza from "Tekken 7."

"Tekken 7's" blood sucking sleepy head - Eliza is in the spotlight as of late after it was discovered that a bug has infected the horned femme fatale. This has raised some concerns among players not to mention that one of the biggest gaming events is just around the corner.

As aforementioned, the said glitch with Eliza was noticed by Twitch streamer/caster Rip (Reepal Parbhoo), according to Event Hubs. Parbhoo then took it to Twitter to address the said issue and even suggested that the character should be banned from "Tekken 7" tourneys unless Bandai Namco does something about it. Per the Eliza super glitch, the character is able to perform multiple supers provided that she has at least a hairline on her gauge and has successfully executed a so-called "forward, forward + 4-2" move.

This is not the first time that Eliza's move was put under scrutiny. It can be recalled about a month ago that "Tekken 7" players were irked by the character's dive kicks that can be done in succession hampering the opponent's chance to spring back to action, Segment Next reported.

Meanwhile, Evolution Championship Series (EVO) organizer Joey Cuellar who also goes by the moniker Mr. Wizard has been made aware of the "Tekken 7" glitch. He stated that if Bandai Namco failed to implement a fix with Eliza's super, anyone who is caught using the forbidden move will either be slapped with a penalty or be disqualified from the match.

As of late, Bandai Namco is still mum about Eliza's glitch. Moreover, EVO 2017 will officially kick off this July 14 in Las Vegas where "Tekken 7" will be part of the looming event. Check out the video featuring the character's moves here:


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