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Sistar’s Bora & INFINITE’s Sunggyu Flirting With Each Other?

by Ella / Jun 12, 2017 06:00 AM EDT
Sistar’s Bora & INFINITE’s Sunggyu Flirting With Each Other?

Could it be that Sistar's Bora and INFINITE's Sunggyu are flirting with each other on social media? Netizens and fans of the two groups witnessed their humorous and perhaps flirtatious banter on their Instagram.

The alleged 'flirting' all began when INFINITE member Sungyeol posted a selfie for the group's 7th anniversary. The member wrote, "It's been so long my selfies look awkward...You've waited a lot, right Inspirits. Thank you for our 7th anniversary and I love you." Later on, Sunggyu commented on his fellow member's selfie, saying, "It's really awkward," and later adding, "Want me to show you what a real selfie is?"

True enough, Sunggyu posted his own selfie, telling Sungyeol that selfies must always have filters on them. This is where Bora comes in. The Sistar member teased the INFINITE member, saying, "This filter is bad. Are you sure Sungyeol didn't win?" Sunggyu then flirted with a taunt, telling Bora, "Do you have nothing to do? #IfImCute just tell me I'm cute my friend." Bora answered back, "Aww that's what you want? You wanted to be gwiyomi?"

The banter ended when Bora thanked Sunggyu for having fun with her. Sunggyu commented "#BoraIsBored", to which the Sistar member said, "Thanks for playing with me." However, this isn't the only case where the two bickered. When Bora posted a video of her on her own Instagram, Sunggyu was seen taunting her again on the comment section.

Bora posted a video of her talking playfully with a fan when she was asked to marry him. In the video, Bora cutely yelled "I don't want to!" at the fan. She wrote in the caption, "He said let's get married, so I said I didn't want to." Then the INFINITE member came in to comment, and bickered publicly with Bora. Sunggyu apparently said, "Just do it for him," to which Bora replied, "You want to do it for me?" This shut down Sunggyu and he surrendered by saying, "#Sorry".

Netizens were left amused at the pair's exchange on Instagram. Others saw it as childish banter, while others saw it as mild flirting. What do you think? Were Bora and Sunggyu flirting or just innocently bickered? Whether they are flirting or not, it is amusing to see two popular idols exchange cute chitchat with each other on social media. It goes to show that they are just like the rest of us who enjoy mocking and poking fun at friends.

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