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Ancient Burial Chamber Found In Egypt Which Contains 17 Mummies

by Mudit / May 14, 2017 07:51 PM EDT
Bone tissue being extracted from a mummy

May 14th, 2017: Minya, a city in the Nile Valley has suddenly come under a lot of media attention. Archeological workers have unearthed an ancient burial site in the city, and the mummy count has risen to 17 mummies so far.

According to initial reports, the mummies have been discovered 25 feet beneath the city's surface. Initial assessments of the remains and the site suggest that the bodies belonged to ancient priests and high ranking officials.

The burial ground was hiding a lot more than just a bunch of mummies. Archeologists found Sarcophagi made of clay and limestones, a papyrus with Demotic Script unlike the Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, and animal coffins for the afterlife.

The burial site was discovered not very far from the village of Tuna-al-Gabal. Tuna-al-Gabal is also the site of a previously excavated necropolis for dead animals.The site was discovered by students of the Cairo University using ground penetrating Radar Technology.

The remains of the dead are believed to be more than 1500 years old and date back to the Greco-Roman period of Ancient Egypt. This 600-year-old epoch began in 332 B.B after the area was captured by Alexander the Great.

In total, the burial site is home to around 32 mummies and according to Salah al-Kholi who is an Egyptologist "It is the first human necropolis found in central Egypt with so many mummies". This find of the burial site can be added to the catalog of extraordinary excavations that have taken place this year. A large statue of an Egyptian Ruler was recently found in Cairo back in March 2017. Egypt's Antique's minister was quoted saying "It's as if it's a message from our ancestors who are lending us a hand to help bring tourists back"

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