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League of Legends update: Changes revealed on Sejuani, Zac, and Maokai To Be Included on Patch 7.9

by Osamu Inoue / Apr 20, 2017 08:02 PM EDT
Three tank Champions are changed in terms of abilities and skills and the changes will be applied to the Patch 7.9 skills along with new skins.

Patch 7.9 update is almost there and Riot released the new game mode for "League of Legends." This new game mode comes with a new skin for Orianna and Kha'zix. In addition, a lot of changes are made for this midseason update. The main focus now is the three tanky Champions Zac, Sejuani, and Maokai. These three underwent a huge change and their skills are far more useful in the battlefield.

Recently, the most updated channel on YouTube named "SkinSpotlights" had their live stream, which revealed the three said Champions with in-depth information of their changes. Here are the following changes:


Sejuani's changed skills are her passive, Frost Armor. She is immune slows and gains bonus resistance. As Sejuani moves more around the battlefield, Frost Armor's cooldown time ticks faster for another use. Her W-skill is something new, where she swings her mace in front following a second attack. Each hit applies Frost.

Her E-skill, Permafrost is both passive and active, which can stack Frost and stuns enemies, respectively. Lastly, her R-skill or Ultimate called Glacial Prison, slows and stuns the enemy Champion that got hit with it. Glacial Prison also massively slow nearby enemy Champions while dealing damage at the same time.


Maokai's E-skill, Sapling Toss, is changed and updated with something new. His saplings can now last longer on brushes while dealing additional damage to enemy Champions. Otherwise, it would only deal the damage once with slow. Furthermore, his R-skill or Ultimate skill, Nature's Grasp, had wide area. The area is the same size as one lane as it deals damage and rooting enemy Champions on hit.


Zac's Q-skill, Stretching Strikes, hits and grabs the enemy Champion on hit. The second usage of the skill does the same to another Champion. Once he does this, he collides them toward each other dealing additional damage. The video can be viewed below:

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