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‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Niantic is Working To Stop GPS Spoofing

by Amrin Shaikh / Apr 19, 2017 06:20 AM EDT
‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update

"Pokémon Go" is an augmented mobile game which is designed to use device's GPS for the interface. The game even meant to explore nature outside the habitat. The players are so addicted to the game, that they can do anything to win over it.

There are few players who are spoofing the GPS system and hack the game rather than simply following the rules of the game. Such players can experience the interface as good as they experience in the natural ways. Although some lazy "Pokémon Go" players are spoofing the system, Niantic has declared a war against spoofing.

Recently, Niantic tweeted that the company is working to track the spoofing of GPS in the "Pokémon Go" game. The tweet also read that the team is working to add functionality to add spoofing and they are grateful for reports offered by some loyal players. The tweet was followed by few comments in which some of the loyal Niantic players have suggested that the spoof will be controlled if the players will only allow playing in their decided areas.

Previously, Niantic has banned the accounts of "Pokemon Go" players who spoofed the GPS system. And right, the developer has made its view on spoofing even more aggressive. There are many players who love the originality and nature of the game, but the lazy players overtook their chances to catch Pokemon and win over the game.

Every "Pokemon Go" player knows how difficult it was to reach level 40 and to complete a Pokedex. But with this hack, lazy players are cheating the game and enjoying the game from the comfort of their home.

As reported by MIC, GPS spoofing is an act which fools the game into thinking the player is somewhere else rather than he actually is. The GPS spoofer can even look at their nearby menu to see which Pokestop a particular Pokemon has spawned at and then teleport to that Pokestop. In short, the system allows the players to move in the gaming world of "Pokemon Go" without moving in the real world.

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