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'Overwatch’ Step by Step Guide: How to Get Oni Genji Skin

by Allan / Nov 16, 2016 06:28 AM EST

At the recent Blizzcon this month, it has been revealed how to get the Oni Genji skin for Overwatch players who use Genji as their main. Although hero skins do not give any bonus or power-ups for the player, it does make the game experience more exciting to play.

The good news is, unlocking the Oni Genji Skin is not really hard to do. However, it is only offered for a limited time so "Overwatch" players are encouraged to unlock the secret skin as soon as possible or forever lose the chance of owning it. The Oni Genji Skin is reported to be only available until January 4 next year.

Play 15 Matches of Heroes of the Storm

The first method on how to acquire Oni Genji skin in "Overwatch" is by just playing 15 rounds of Heroes of the Storm. This task is not really hard to complete because the player doesn't even need to win. Just finish all 15 matches using a Genji character as main and the player can already enjoy using the new Oni Genji skin in their character. Just take note that the player must be playing against another one in order to unlock the skin. In other words, the player needs to go through the 15 matches as a party.

Play 15 Matches in Co-op against A.I.

Another method a player can use is to achieve the skin in "Overwatch." Playing against A.I. through Co-Op mode. The player can have as much as 5 friends to join him in the quest which makes the mission more exciting. If the player and his friends are up for a challenge, they can level up the difficulty so the game wouldn't be boring killing lifeless and thoughtless A.I.

Play 15 Quick Match Games

Last but not the least, a player can also acquire the Oni Genji skin in "Overwatch" by playing 15 Quick Match. It doesn't matter if it is an unranked or ranked mode, as long as the 15 matches are completed. In addition, this method will also unlock Zarya in Heroes of the Storm so it's like killing two birds with one stone. 

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