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Cricket Bread: Finland's Exotic Bread Could Save the World from Hunger

by Maureen Santos / Nov 27, 2017 08:45 AM EST
Insect bread is gaining popularity among Finnish bakeries to raise hunger awareness around the world.

Due to different famine, the world is experiencing food shortage which is a big factor in a nation's malnutrition problem. Different countries are finding ways to alleviate world hunger. Finland and other European bakeries start selling cricket bread.

On Thursday, Fazer group division head Markus Hellstrom stated that a loaf consists of roughly 70 dried house crickets, pulverized into powder then mixed to the flour. The crickets are raised in the farm and embody three percent of the bread's total weight.

The Fazer Bakery Finland's innovation department head Juhani Sibakov said, "We made crunchy dough to enhance taste. " He added that the bread is delicious and nutritious.

Moreover, he mentioned that the Fazer Sirkkaleipa (the Finnish word for Fazer Cricket Bread), is a valuable source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, and calcium. He believes that people around the world have a necessity for supplementary and unceasing supplies of nutrition, CBS News reports.

Netherlands supplies Fazer the cricket ingredients for making insect bread. Because of the limited supply, it will find another local cricket supplier.

In 2013, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization started a campaign to advocate insect breeding and consumption. The agency assessed that to a certain degree, 2 billion people around the world consume insects and 1,900 species are edible.

Since last summer, the idea has been in progress but is restricted until the Finnish authorities release authorization. It did not take long that the restriction of selling farm-bred insects for food was lifted. Five European countries namely Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom permitted the practice, according to BBC News.

The initial batch of the cricket bread will be marketed in Finland's large-scale cities. The company mentioned that at the moment, there is not enough supply of cricket flour to back its sale in the state. However, its goal is to make the cricket bread purchasable in Finland's 47 bakeries in a successive round of sales.

Not only bakeries in Finland are getting into the trend of eating insects. In fact, in September Switzerland's supermarket Coop started offering burgers and balls with insects as the main ingredients. Likewise, edible insects are up for sale in the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, and Belgium supermarkets.

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