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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 108 Spoilers: A Shocking Death and a Betrayal

by John Rosca / Sep 25, 2017 07:12 AM EDT
Frieza and Gohan ( Dragon Ball Super)

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 108 offered a couple of surprises, including a highly unexpected death. The Universe 7 warriors experience a moment of doubt over Frieza's trustworthiness. Will he betray their Universe? Spoilers follow in this review.

Episode 8 is entitled "Frieza and Frost! Conjoined Malice?!" The idea that Frieza would enact a betrayal has been rumored since a leaked summary of episodes 107, 108, 109 and 110 got posted online as detailed in a previous story. The episode title suggests that Frieza will be allying himself with Frost in an evil scheme.

The episode begins with a quick glimpse of the tournament fight between Goku and Ribrianne, who is using the power of love against him. Goku doesn't seem to have a good way of dealing with this at the moment.

But the bulk of the episode features Gohan's battle versus Jimeze of Universe 2. Gohan has a lot of trouble with Jimeze, whose Instant Transmission technique makes him too fast for Gohan, who gives a very poor showing. But as Jimeze prepares to deliver his final blow to Gohan, Frieza gets in between the two fighters.

Frieza mocks Gohan for his terrible performance and then steps aside to let the battle continue. But for the second time, he suddenly blocks one of Jimeze's attacks against Goku. Jimeze goes for Frieza, using Instant Transmission once again. But Frieza anticipates every one of Jimeze's moves and quickly defeats him.

At this point, Frost appears, talking about an agreement he had with Frieza that they would work together. Frieza confirms their agreement, but Frost doesn't trust him and demands that he eliminate Gohan. Frieza battles Gohan and enters his Golden Frieza form. Gohan goes down. But it turns out that Frieza wasn't betraying Gohan at all.

For after seemingly defeating Gohan, Frieza goes up to Frost, acting as a friendly adviser. But it's all an act, and Frieza blasts Frost, eliminating him from the tournament. Gohan gets up and says that he could tell that Frieza wasn't seriously attacking him, and decided to play along.

A rage-fueled Frost, now on the spectators' side of the arena, attempts to fire a deadly energy beam at Frieza. Instead, he is shockingly erased from existence by the Omni-Kings. It's an episode with a couple of juicy twists and very satisfying overall except for Gohan's ridiculous display in his fight versus Jimeze.

For a "Dragon Ball Super" episode 108 live stream, watch on Crunchyroll as a free or premium user if you are in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand or certain European countries. Americans can also stream episode 108 for free on FunimationNow.

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