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'Overwatch' News, Updates: Doomfist Finally Arrived; Loot Box And Highlights Tweaked

by Erwin Ruse / Jul 08, 2017 06:11 AM EDT
"Overwatch's Doomfist

The recent "Overwatch" update caught most fans by surprise as the long-awaited character of the multiplayer first-person shooter has finally arrived. Akande Ogundimu - best known for his badass moniker Doomfist - is as of late being tried on by the game's player base and the new character does not disappoint.

Sporting a jersey-looking "Overwatch" shirt, Blizzard's Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced the great news in a seven-minute video as he orients viewers about Doomfist's skill sets. Moreover, Kaplan even provided some pointers on how to connect some of the new character's attacks in carrying out powerful combos, Gamespot noted.

First on the list on Doomfist's arsenal is the left click shot dubbed as the Hand Cannon which is the most basic in the villain's roster. Next is the so-called Rising Uppercut whereas the name suggests launches an enemy up in the air. The said move can be paired by another attack called the Seismic Slam that stuns the enemy and somewhat pulls them towards Akande. The character is also equipped with a charge up attack known as the Rocket Punch where the Talon leader dashes towards his opponents, according to Kotaku.

As for his ultimate attack, Doomfist has the Meteor Strike. The character can move the damage radius of his attack and choose where to dive bomb. Such move can deal a serious amount of damage to any "Overwatch" character and may even finish off the ones with lesser life points.

Meanwhile, the new "Overwatch" update did some tweaks on its Loot Boxes as reports suggest that Blizzard aims to veer away gamers from getting duplicates from those crates. Additionally, the game's Highlights were also improved where players can manually save their top five gameplays, though it is only good for a day.

These updates are now live on the PC platform while both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will just have to wait for further announcements. Check out a video about "Overwatch's" Doomfist here:

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