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'Overwatch' News, Update: Mercy's Ult Getting Tweaked By Developer; Fan Seen Playing The Game On A Switch

by Erwin Ruse / Jul 03, 2017 07:01 AM EDT
Mercy from "Overwatch"

Blizzard's first-person shooter - "Overwatch" went through a ton of updates over the past year. The widely played first person shooter has undergone another tweak recently involving one of its ever popular support hero - Mercy.

"Overwatch" players have noticed a slight change with the character in terms of using her Resurrect ultimate (ult). A gamer even posted a gameplay video featuring the so-called nerf where Mercy's ult was disabled while she's still inside her team's spawning ground, Comicbook reported. Per the video, the player attempted to do the said ult, but the super move's icon was crossed out.

However, other "Overwatch" faithfuls noticed that Mercy's Resurrection can is fully functional whenever she's outside the spawning premises. Moreover, most gamers do not consider it as a nerf, though there are still some that will definitely be affected with this subtle tweak especially to fans who are more adept in defending. In line with this, there were players who pointed out that they are having a hard time pulling off the hero's ult in a couple of maps in the game namely Anubis' Point B and the Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, an "Overwatch" fan finally made a workaround to have the game playable on the Nintendo Switch. Players need not rejoice that much as it was learned that the said gamer used an app (Rainway) that made it possible for him to play the first-person shooter, according to Express.

Per the publication, the app allowed PC players to have their games somewhat mirrored into another console provided that it runs on DirectX 11. "Overwatch" Game Director Jeff Kaplan, on the other hand, sat down with the publication about the possibility of having the game ported to Nintendo's hit console.

Kaplan stated that albeit being "open-minded in exploring other platforms," he highlighted that porting "Overwatch" into the Switch will be quite a handful. The director further explained that the game constantly gets tweaks every now and then and such are concurrently shelled out to the three major platforms and adding the Switch to the fray, not to mention its toned down specs would be difficult for them. Check out the video of Mercy's ultimate here:

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