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'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch All Ultra Beasts

by Allan / Nov 21, 2016 06:21 AM EST

There’s a lot of things to do after a player completes the main story of “Pokemon Sun and Moon." And that includes catching all the Ultra Beasts that roams around the whole region of Alola. This cut scene will only take place after the player finishes the battle against Lusamine. The Internation Police will approach the player and offer 10 Beast Balls for each mission.

This mission must be completed if the player wants to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Alola region. And to catch all Ultra Beasts, players must get each beast in the right order to make the next Beast appear.

Complete List Of Ultra Beast To Catch

The first Ultra Beast in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is Nihelego or Symbiont located at the Vela Mountain or Diglett Cave. Next head to Verdant Cavern to catch Phermosa or Beauty. After catching them, look for Buzzwole or Absorption as they can also be found in the same location. Then go to Memorial Hill or Lush Jungle and look for Lightning or Xurkitree. Afterwards, look for Celesteela or Blaster in Malie Garden or Haina Desert. Players will find Kartana in the same location. Last but not the least, look for Glutton or Guzzlord at the Resolution Cave.

Catch All Ultra Beast to Start Hunting for Legendary Pokemon

As soon as the player finish catching all the Ultra Beast in the “Pokemon Sun and Moon”, Mr. Looker will go to the player and inform him that a sighting of another Ultra Beast is reported to be seen in Melemele Island. Later on it will be revealed that it really wasn’t an Ultra Beast but a Legendary Pokemon. And this ends the player’s mission in catching all the Ultra Beast in the island and marks the start of an exciting hunt for Legendary Pokemon.

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