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South Korea Helps Mitigate Carbon Footprints through Recycling CO2

by Agatha Austria / Sep 20, 2016 08:25 AM EDT
South Korea found a way to recycle CO2.

South Korea found a way to reduce greenhouse gases emission through recycling carbon dioxide (CO2).

Modernization of cities results to continuous burning of fossil fuels to meet the electricity needs of communities. The combustion of these materials result to excessive carbon dioxide emissions and thus resulting to accumulation of greenhouse gases.

Arirang News reported that South Korea has discovered a way to recycle CO2 emissions for commercial purposes.

CO2 is believed to be the primary cause of global warming. Burning fossil fuel is one of the many human activities that result to greenhouse effect. With the enormous contribution of humans to the destruction of the environment, global leaders are pressed to help in addressing the issue.

The Korea Southern Power Corporation has revealed its own method of reusing CO2. According to reports, the research included the development of systems capable of collecting and processing CO2 for other purposes such as gas wielding and fire extinguishers.

Korea Times reported that the Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO) also participates in the distribution of recycled CO2 to important industries including the agricultural sector.

Research stated that the system called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is completed through a wet process in previous attempts. However, the corporation commenced the development of a dry process in 2009 which utilizes solid absorbents in capturing CO2 in an environment friendly manner.

Dry process was successfully performed in 2010. Significant reduction of greenhouse gases emission with the help of this development is expected by 2050.

The system emphasized that "the process of collecting emitted carbon dioxide and making use of it jn the industry again can greatly contribute to reducing overall carbon dioxide emissions."

In 2013, KOMIPO invested 46.3 billion won on a 10-megawatt CCS facility installed at Boryeong Plant. This is the fourth largest facility capturing CO2 worldwide.

Spokesman of the state-owned company said "since May 2013, we have significantly slashed the amounts of CO2 releases into the air through the CCS procedure. We are now about to recycle the gases to earn additional income."

An agreement indicating supply from the company to other industries was made.

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