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Nam Goong Yeon To File 'Defamation Of Character' Lawsuit Against His Accusers

by Jonnalyn Cortez / Mar 07, 2018 02:02 AM EST
Nam Goong Yeon is now in a middle of a big controversy as four women accused him of sexual harassment. Photo by MBCNEWS/YouTube Screenshot

Nam Goong Yeon is now in a middle of a big controversy as four women accused him of sexual harassment. The drummer denied all the Me Too allegations insisting that he is "not a bad person."

According to All KPop, News1 tried to talk to Nam Goong Yeon about all the accusations he is facing. When he was asked other questions about the charges against him, he pointed the media to his lawyer and left with his wife in a car.

"There is no change in stance from his original stance," his legal representative said on Tuesday, March 6. The attorney also revealed that his client is going to submit his lawsuit on "defamation of character" on the accusers on Wednesday, March 7.

Moreover, the third woman, who revealed that she had worked with Nam Goong Yeon in the late 90s, also experienced the same thing that the two other victims had been through. "It's not too late to apologize even now," she said, pertaining to the drummer.

The second victim described that the harassment happened while she was recording at his studio, which is also located in his house, in the early 2000s. She revealed that the sexual harassment happened multiple times until he sexually assaulted her.

Although she got an apology after the bad event happened, she decided to make her accusations public when she learned that she is not Nam Goong Yeon's only victim.

Additionally, his very first accuser said in an interview with Channel A, via Asian Junkie, that his wife tried to iron things out privately. The woman said that after she made a post regarding his Nam Goong Yeon's wrongdoing, she got a call from his wife.

She even revealed that record of their call, where the wife said that she thought the victim would never pick up her husband. The wife said that Nam Goong Yeon is willing to do everything to make her feel better "before things get worse."

She also said that why she shouldn't meet them and talk about what made her angry. The victim admitted that she felt bad hearing Nam Goong Yeon's wife crying. But when she saw that he denied all the accusations, she felt betrayed. "It was all a show. I was stupid for being shaken," she said.

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