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‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 5 Spoilers: Presence Of A Plate Creating Hindrance On The Way To Money Pit

by Subhro Prakash Ghosh / Feb 19, 2018 04:15 AM EST
‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 5 Spoilers: Presence Of A Plate Creating Hindrance On The Way To Money Pit (Photo By: The Curse of Oak Island Trailer Video / Facebook)

Despite the fact that there is no trace of any treasure in the last three years, the viewers are still glued to Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island. They are still hoping that at least some portion of the mysterious treasure will be discovered in this season. Here's a sneak peek of what you can see in the upcoming episode 15 titled Steel Trapped that is set to air on February 20.

In the previous episode titled The Templar Connection, the team members were flabbergasted when their caisson hit the obstructing object at around 77 ft below the earth. The object was so hard that multiple teeth of the caisson broke into pieces.

The new episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 will show Rick Lagina making a video call to two of his team members, Craig Tester and brother Marty Lagina from the island's War Room. He calls them to discuss the object that is generating obstruction in digging deeper. The spoilers suggest that he will mention about a plate that protects or covers what the team is actually looking for, as reported by Monster & Critics.

The team will be further seen sending a camera beneath the earth and see what's creating the problem. This idea was taken in the previous episode. The trailer suggests that Alex (son of Marty) saying the rushing of water into the shaft.

The Curse of Oak Island is considered a home of the Money Pit legend. Legend has it that a boy arrived at the spot and discovered an invisible X mark. After this discovery, several people started digging but no one has been able to get the treasure.

A popular tale (mentioned by Mobi Picker in details) claims that Captain William Kidd, a Scottish pirate is connected to this inexplicable location. Captain Kidd had buried his treasure for 400 years back in this location. On the other hand, few other experts have called such claim false saying that he did not have enough time in his hand to live and bury such treasure. According to them, he used to live there when he was a young boy. Hence, it can be said that no one actually knows the exact location of the hidden treasure that is attracting people for centuries.

Don't miss the airing of The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 episode 15 titled Steel Trapped on Tuesday, February 20 on History.

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