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Know Why The Seoul Tower Changes Color Every Night

by Mudit / Jun 10, 2017 06:29 AM EDT
The real reason why the Seoul Tower Changes color on a daily basis

Many people and numerous kids are fond of the way in which the Seoul Tower keeps changing its colors. But did you know there is an actual reason behind this color change that occurs in the tower? The N Seoul Tower is a tourist landmark in Seoul South Korea. The tower is very popular among tourists and locals for its colorful look at the night and its panoramic views from the top of the building.

The real reason why the Seoul Tower changes color at night: The tower changes color at night in order to inform the public about the air pollution level that is currently being measured in the city. The colors indicate whether the air outside is safe to breathe or if it is hugely polluted.

The yellow dust is a major problem now in most of the Asian countries and South Korea has been trying to develop innovative solutions in order to combat this problem.

When the Seoul Tower glows Red, it means the Air outside is highly polluted and that it would be a good choice for the public and the tourists to spend their time indoors, until the condition changes.

A green colored Seoul Tower signifies average air conditions for that day. People are advised to carry and wear their air filtration masks in order to avoid any kind of harm to themselves.

A blue Seoul Tower is the symbol of perfect air conditions outside. When the tower glows blue, you can go outside without any hesitation and the need for air filtration mask.

The tower has been designed to be more than just another tourist attraction, it lets most of the population know about the air conditions outside in real time. This helps everyone be aware and avoid potential health hazards. Did you know why the Seoul Tower changed colors? If not, then be sure to share this article with your friends and family as well. 

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