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Robot Eye Surgeon, You Won’t Believe What This Machine Can Do Today!

by Rose / May 11, 2017 06:24 PM EDT
The first robotic eye surgery in man

Robotic eye surgeons are the future of eye surgeries now. With a recent trial, the human-assisted machine just showed that it's 10x more precise than a traditional specialist in performing delicate retina operation. Check out here how it happened.

According to Digital Trends, A UK-based hospital just carried out its robotic eye surgeon clinical testing. With two patient groups, a mechanical specialist and human doctors performed a retinal membrane removal.

"This is the first time robot-assisted surgery has been performed in the eye," Medical Sciences Division of Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences research coordinator Marco Bellini said. "The robotic device is able to perform surgical procedures through the conventional surgical portholes used for retinal 'keyhole' surgery," he added.

To take note, this machine is still a combination of human and technology. Some parts of it are controlled by a human doctor through a touch screen and joystick. Its aim is to only help on procedures that even high-skilled specialists are having a hard time.

Based on another report by NBC News, University of Oxford UK professor Dr. Robert E. MacLaren spoke about the other robotic eye surgeon details. He especially shared about the things it did on the trial operation.

The human-assisted machine apparently did one of the most dangerous operations in the eye. With the robotic eye surgeon's team, the patient experienced lesser difficulties. This is because of its hand accuracy. It can operate on a single hole of less than 1 millimeter in diameter only on the eye.

"The robotic technology is very exciting, and the ability to operate under the retina safely will represent a huge advance in developing genetic and stem cell treatments for retinal disease," MacLaren noted in an interview. He continued that this is only a dream before in his industry.

Meanwhile, The robotic eye surgeon will be undergoing more pilot studies from this time. The Preceyes team intends to give more "versatility and reliability" after the clinical trial.

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