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'Pokemon Stars' Update: Pokemon Creators Looking For Console Game Developers

by Faye.Jimenea / Mar 21, 2017 08:31 AM EDT
Pokemon Stars

Pokemon is one of the most played and sought out character in the entire gaming world, form kids to grownups, Pokemon has been in peoples live for over 20 years now. On the occasion when Pokemon Go was released, a mobile gaming app inspired by the Pokemon series, the world was in a point at a halt because everyone was playing the game. Now, the original creators of the Pokemon series themselves seem to have a plan of releasing a console game.

Game Freak, the creator of the Pokemon series released a global advert wherein they were hiring a 3D CG designer to work on characters, monsters and items for a "title that everyone knows". This advert calls attention upon a new console game. Another advert for a recruitment of a character model creator was also released and it specifically noted that it has to be someone who has experience  of creating models up to "Wii U/PS Vista-level".

Whether this adverts will be for Nintendo Switch or Pokemon, it is still quite unknown, none was mentioned about either of the two entities in the advert. According to some of the reports and even leaks that this advert pertains to a project the Pokemon creators are working on for Pokemon Sun and Moon, entitled Pokemon Stars. Many believe that Pokemon Stars will be the upgraded version of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If this is true, then Pokemon Stars, the upgraded version of the famous Pokemon Sun and Moon game then it will be the first mainstream Pokemon game to ever be on console. Pokemon Sun and Moon was highly rated by many gaming review sites and an upgraded version of it coming to console might just be the way for Pokemon to be more widely played and to increase its popularity among the new generation of gamers. 

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