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Star Wars 8 Movie Theories: Rey is a Clone of Luke Skywalker? 3 Reasons It is Possible

by Eve Cesista / Mar 07, 2017 11:54 PM EST
Star Wars 8 Movie Theories: Rey is a Clone of Luke Skywalker? 3 Reasons It is Possible

The theories about Rey and Luke Skywalker's connection has been laid down like cards since the end of The Force Awakens. But will the movie unveils their genuine relationship in Star Wars 8? The next episode will be out in December, yet some conclude that the female lead is the clone of the estranged Jedi.

Before we push further, may we warn the readers about potential spoilers circulating Star Wars 8. So, kindly read at your own risk.

Those who witnessed the previous film could recall the last scene where Rey met the melancholic Luke Skywalker. However, the movie ended with a cliffhanger, leaving the fans wondering what could be their real connection. But a new theory suggests that Star Wars 8 will reveal that Rey is the female clone of the Jedi.

Popular theorist Mike Zeroh explained the possibility of their real relationship his latest YouTube video. According to him, there are approximately three reasons that Star Wars 8 could reveal such connection:

First, the previous sagas, like the Attack of the Clones is one precedent as to why it can happen. There might be a "father and daughter" treatment between Rey and Luke once the Star Wars 8 hits the theater but it might not end there.

Secondly, he allegedly heard that Emperor Palpatine might have acquired Luke's hand; hence creating a female clone. But lastly, the fans might also reference the scenario to the CGI animated series, The Clone Wars. This could mean that Star Wars 8 may add that kind of theory as one of its fascinating twists. Watch Mike Zeroh's YouTube video here.

Some might raise their eyebrows after watching his wild guess about the outcome of Star Wars 8. However, it does not necessarily mean that the theory is not possible. Better yet, keep your fingers crossed for further confirmation or wait patiently for the movie to release. Check out more news about the upcoming film, also called The Last Jedi via official Star Wars website. 

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